“Fabiolus Cucina was founded by Fabio Conti in 1992 and has been a destination restaurant for Hollywood locals and people from all over the world. Since January 2016, Fabiolus Cucina has been acquired by CB Group. Owner Operator Mauro Corbia has teamed up with his brother, Executive Chef Sergio Corbia, to bring quality and authentic Italian flair inspired by their hometown of Sardinia, Italy. Their success has not gone unnoticed evident by the 800+ reviews on popular sites like Yelp, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and Google Reviews. They are also a go-to destination and catering provider for large events and private parties. They offer indoor seating as well as outdoor seating in a charming patio with free parking access in the back of the building.”


Mauro Corbia, is native to the isle of Sardinia, Italy where he comes from a culinary family that prepared simple, traditional dishes using fresh ingredients. 

In 1992, Mauro co-founded Mauro's Cafe inside Fred Segal Melrose. Under Mauro's inspired direction, Mauro's Cafe became a world-renowned celebrity magnate. The simplicity of the menu and comfortable, fashionable atmosphere made it loved by loyal customers and celebrities alike. 

Mauro and his team are committed to making Fabiolus the premiere culinary hotspot.  Fabiolus will feature simple, inviting menus and a personal touch that ensures an appealing, casual culinary meal. Mauro's hands-on management approach, extensive expertise, and welcoming smile will ensure that his loyal clientele and new visitors will feel at home and receive a warm Italian experience.



Sergio Corbia is perhaps best known for the development of the iconic celebrity destination, Mauro’s Cafe inside Fred Segal.

As Co-Owner and Executive Chef of Mauro’s Café, Sergio delighted a wide ranging group of loyal customers from all over the globe. 

Chef Sergio has become successful at crafting warm, family-style environments that highlight the fresh, regional Italian dishes that originally inspired him to get into the culinary world. Chef Sergio and his devoted team create our daily specials at Fabiolus - which keeps our guests coming back for more.

— The Corbia Brothers